Event Management

Nunight’s intuitive and flexible interface allows you to easily reconcile all aspects of your events while simultaneously increasing functionality and control.

Our goal is to reduce your daily burden.

All functions, from simple data entry to the uploading of images, have been carefully structured to allow you to make changes with just a few clicks.

Some key features include:

  • Entry of event details (i.e., event type, title, descriptions, artists, etc.).
  • In-depth date and time management: everything from “Event Start” to “Reservation Deadline”.
  • Uploading of digital media, such as flyers, videos, or audio.
  • Web integration that allows you to publish your event in a calendar or as a preview on your website.
  • Entry of reservation-specific requirements, such as age restrictions and male-to-female ratio limits.
  • Setting of guest list privileges, by individual or by group.
  • Assignment of lounges available for reservation; fixed or variable.