User Management

Nunight includes a complete user management and CRM solution with multi-tiered access control and adjustable privileges. Through our back office you can sort, edit, or export a multitude of user information, from personal details to member card numbers. With website integration, users can also edit their own information through our login area.

Some key features include:

  • Front-end (website/login area) integration with adjustable user privileges.
  • Ability to create a variety of users, whether those are Members, Corporate Members, Employees, Partners, Door Personnel, or Administrators.
  • A clean listing of all users, with diverse possibilities for sorting and exporting.
  • Access to a multitude of user fields including, amongst others, back-office-only comments, in-house contacts, pictures, as well as marketing specific information such as newsletter subscriptions.
  • Managing of member cards and their billing cycles.
  • Ability to create corporate accounts with “corporate”/temporary cards that are to be turned in at the door and then returned by post/mail.