Customer Relations

Consistent customer communication is important for every business. Stay in touch with your guests not only through a periodic newsletter, but also through targeted mailings perfectly suited for those special occasions.

For clientele, big or small,
Nunight reliably covers all forms of communication.

Through its integration of Campaign Monitor, Nunight provides access to one of the most powerful newsletter platforms on today’s market. Profit from a variety of newsletter design options, and from extensive statistics that allow you to highly customize and optimize your mailings.

For individual correspondence, Nunight offers its own little mailing system that covers all your communicational needs; from birthday greetings to feedback forms for recent lounge guests.

Some key features include:

  • Access to a completely integrated newsletter system (Campaign Monitor), synchronized with Nunight and available to your guests through the Front-end (website).
  • Easy importing, exporting, and editing of newsletter lists.
  • Defining of and mailing to different interest groups.
  • Customer-tailored mailings made possible by your client’s ability to maintain their own lists of newsletter interests.
  • Individual mailings targeted at specific customers; either by hand or automatically.