Entry Control

Chaos at the door? Don’t make your guests wait any longer; let our web app bring order to your chaos.

An interface built and tested to be lightweight and efficient
under stressful circumstances.

Efficiently check-in/out or deny your guests and members, whether with name or card. Nunight’s entry system is versatile and lightning-fast, ensuring that your personnel always find that odd name on the list.

Some key features include:

  • Auto-completing and lightning-fast search feature.
  • Seperate lists that are organized by events and, more specifically, by lounge reservations.
  • Quick check-in of groups and persons with accompaniment.
  • Comment fields and other user information (including user pictures) to personalize and aid your entry control.
  • Auto-synchronization with your back office and devices used for entry control, eliminating errors and ensuring that your lists are always up-to-date.