What is nunight?

A web-based ERP and management solution tailored to the needs of your club or bar.
Comprehensive – Intuitive – Efficient

Some of our clients


“ Nunight helps organize Mascotte operations to be simpler and faster. Equally reassuring, Nunight’s easy operation decreases learning time and prevents accidental errors. Because the application is web-based, every user can access and edit needed information in real time anywhere.

Now I can no longer imagine club life without Nunight. ”

– Patrik Spiller
  Board Member / Mascotte, Zürich

“ The introduction of the Nunight Management System to the Plaza Club has significantly simplified and optimized administrative workflows in communication and reservations, thus improving the management of guest and member lists and expediting the entry process at the door.

From managing newsletter subscriptions and organizing club members to placing and updating our culture and club programs online, Nunight brings numerous functions into a single system that is simple, clear, and efficient. ”

– Toby Trafelet
  Board Member / Plaza, Zürich